Hello Monday

Hello Monday. Hello friends! I am in a strangely good mood this morning even after having woken up at 5:30am {5:30!!!}. If you know me, you know I consider the early morning to be straight from the devil. Any time I am up before the sun, I am up too early. Thank goodness my new job has free coffee! The free coffee should probably receive credit for my good mood.

Thank you, Ryder Scott Company.
I hope all you mamas out there had a happy day yesterday. I hope you felt celebrated and honored and blessed by your husbands and children. In honor of Mother's Day my mom bought me a JCrew skirt I've been drooling over... because you know, I'm not a mom so that makes sense. Really because she's the best. Thanks Momma!

skirt found HERE in poppy
We celebrated Mother's Day with my sister-in-law, Lynsey, Chad & the girls, and Chad's family. I feel so blessed to have married into the family I have. Even though I'm not technically related to Chad's family I feel like I am a part of it. His sister Natalie, feels like my own. His parents, Paul & Wanda are amazing, seriously. Austin and I went to church for the first time together since we have been married. Before he was always working on Sunday so we were never able to actually attend together. It was such a blessing. We had lunch at Wunsche Brothers in Old Town Spring and spent the rest of the day by the pool.

NatNat & Aunt Syssa with our girl, Hadley <3
Saturday night we went to my new company's 75th Anniversary party. Austin was the life of the party. Typical. And the old ladies were loving him. Afterward we met up with our good friend Brad who we hadn't seen in way too long. We love him. We can't wait until he and Sarah get hitched in November!

My other sister-in-law, Abbey, started a blog. It's hilarious. You have to read this post and make fun of her. It brought me this gem:

ears. teeth. that's all.
Thanks to my sister, everyone now has a copy of a picture of me from 3rd grade. It's horrific. They call me T-Rex.

I have now decided we should not have children.

SEE?? They're doomed.
Do any of you watch Vampire Diaries? Seriously - the finale??

yes please.
How was that for random? Happy Monday y'all!

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    1. Yes we did :) with our 2nd family. We had some DELICIOUS pizza - yum. Love you Stace!