It's Friday, Friday

Gotta get down on Friday.... no really, I'm going to get DOWN tonight.
We're celebrating my birthday (tomorrow) with friends tonight.

I love my birthday.

Happy Birthday to me.

Abbey leaves August 6 for CIRQUE DU SOLEIL training in Montreal.
She's a super freak, super freak. She's super freaky. YOW.
After training she'll be performing in O in Las Vegas.
What this means is my life sucks and hers is awesome. 

Moving on.

My friend Jennie and I love our jobs and work really hard.

What I have learned from these photos:

I should never wear that headband and I should always have bangs.

My obsession with Jef & Emily is getting a little creepy.

Jennie rocks my socks.


May or May Not

I may or may not be stalking Emily & Jef on instagram and twitter.

I may or may not wish I worked for People Water.

I may or may not want Ryan Bowers to be the next Bachelor.

I may or may not have tweeted Ryan Bowers.

Ryan Bowers may or may not have retweeted me.

I may or may not have excitedly texted my girlfriends that Ryan Bowers retweeted me.

I may or may not be a huge dork.

I may or may not have made the best chicken ever for dinner last week.

I may or may not have cried when I read this post.

I may or may not be on the search for the perfect red pumps. Help?

I may or may not be turning 24 on Saturday.



I Accidentally Saw Magic Mike On Purpose

A few weeks ago I went out for sushi and a movie with a few girlfriends. I felt anxious before accepting the invitation, but I did so anyway. I asked my husband if he cared. He said no, but it should have been a red flag that I even felt like I needed to ask his "permission". My mom asked "what are you doing tonight" and I answered, "going to dinner and a movie" trying to avoid naming the title. She asked, "oh what movie" and I responded, "you're going to judge me, but I'm going to see Magic Mike". I captioned my instagram/facebook photo "Girls Night" trying to avoid saying anything about what we were doing. I was tagged in a Magic Mike facebook post and seriously considered untagging myself because I didn't want anyone to know I was going to see that movie. The afternoon before the movie I was discussing my concerns with a friend on gchat and she said "ALYSSA, I DON'T THINK YOU SHOULD GO". I didn't respond and changed the subject. I saw a quote that says, "If you don't want anyone to know, don't do it." I could not have more blatantly ignored the spirit stirring in my heart.

I haven't even considered reading Fifty Shades of Grey because of my spiritual convictions, but isn't Magic Mike, if not entirely, at least basically the same thing?

I justified it by saying Channing Tatum isn't real to me. I'll never really know him. It's light-hearted, silly and fun... right. But how would I feel if my husband went to see a movie about female strippers? I would feel hurt. Not because I am insecure, but because that would be disrespectful to me as his wife and dishonoring to Christ as his Lord. How hypocritical!

As I read this post and this follow up post, this post and this follow up post, and this post, the lump in my throat, tears in my eyes and butterflies in my stomach only confirmed what I knew along. I should not have seen that movie.

In an additional effort to fit in, I want to say this is my own personal conviction and it may be different for each of you, but in a greater effort to speak truth, I must say if you know Jesus, search your heart, because this applies to you too.

I know this single movie or book isn't the only issue, but I needed to say out loud that I saw Magic Mike because trying to hide it is trying to live in two worlds which is blatantly disobedient to Christ. More than admitting I saw it, I needed to admit that I shouldn't have.

"Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in them. For everything in the world - the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life - comes not from the Father but from the world. The world and it's desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever."
- 1 John 2:15-17 -

Lord, help me. Change my heart.


26 Hours

We're on vacation in Florida with my family. LadyBuggs, our dogter, is staying with a friend at our house in Houston. That is until she ran away Saturday. 

This dog-mom was a sad, worried, crying mess, thinking the worst.

Here I am in Florida, hours and hours away from Houston, Texas and my baby was missing. Yes, I just called my dog my baby. Because that's what she is to me. I have never felt so helpless.

Our friends and family went into rescue mode. They searched our neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods day and night. They made signs. They went door to door questioning the neighbors.

They called shelters. And so did I. I called every shelter and vet in the tri-state area.

Even Hadley and Harper helped.

I was losing hope quickly. I was thinking we were never going to find her. I was already imagining how much I would miss her. I was so sad knowing how scared she gets and not knowing what had happened to her.

Until he called today.

A man saw the signs my friends and family so diligently put up and realized he had my baby. He found her down a busy street outside of our subdivision. He stopped because he thought she had just been hit by the car in front of him. He took her home. She spent the night with him last night. He even let her sleep in bed with him!

A friend messaged me today with the following quote:
"When you feel sad, remember something wonderful the Lord has done for you in the past and realize that He can do it again!"
-Joyce Meyer-

When my husband and I both lost our jobs two and a half months ago, God provided me with a new job within a week. HE IS FAITHFUL. He was faithful again today.

26 Hours. 
That's how long she was gone.

Tonight, I am praising Him for answered prayers.

Tonight, I am thankful for my sweet sister-in-law, Lynsey who fought hard to find my LadyBuggs. 

Tonight, Lady is home and she is safe.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for us, for Lady, who shared her info on facebook, and for our friends and family, Chad, Amy, Shane, Eric, Zach, Brian, Janet, Diane and everyone else, who searched high and low for her. We are so thankful!

And to LadyBuggs, you better not do this ever again. This dog-mama's heart can't handle it.

If this face doesn't scream "I've been crying for the last 24 hours" I'm not sure what does.
Her Aunt Lynsey loves her, can't you tell? <3

Helping Aunt Lynsey put Hadley to bed :)
Happy girls :)
She had a rough weekend.
Cousin love <3
Happy. Relieved. Thankful. Blessed.


Hello Monday

Hello Monday. Hello friends!

Today is the start of a two-day work week. HOLLER.

How was your weekend?

Mine started off like this:

What's that you ask? Just my check engine light, nbd. Except Friday was the first day I had driven my car in over FIVE WEEKS because it was in the shop. I was about to cut someone. Apparently monkeys were working on my car.

But, alas! My Friday was redeemed by sushi and Channing Tatum with three of my favorite girls.

I'm dying my hair black asap. And in case you were wondering, brunettes definitely have more fun.

Saturday morning, I awoke to breakfast bliss. My SIL made me a french toast, cream cheese and blueberry sandwich. Heaven on earth.

Then I went to a very dangerous place.


My husband should not allow me in that store.

I went with the intenions of purchasing a curling wand. I accidentally bought the curling wand along with three or four or ten other things.

I proceeded to burn my finger with said wand.

Then all my dreams came true when I saw my C4L.

C4L = Clowns 4 Life

I know, she's beautiful.

The hubby was there too.

I know, he's beautiful.

This is me, snuggling with LadyBuggs before church.

We can't all be as photogenic as she is first thing in the morning. It's not fair, but such is life friends.

Dear world, I introduce to you magic in a bottle.

You can thank me later.

And, in closing I would like to wish America Happy Birthday.

I am showing my gratitude by way of toenails.

Someone commented that I have flintstone feet. To that I say, yabba dabba do.

To my followers on InstaGram. You have already seen these pictures. Sorry I'm not sorry.

Here's to 'Merica and vacation.

Happy Monday!