5 & 6 Month Favorites

We received the Baby Bullet as a gift (shout out, Kali!) and I've been using it to make Foster's baby food. It's so much fun! You could use a regular food processor and I'm sure it would do the same thing, but what I love about the Baby Bullet is it comes with serving-sized jars and a freezer tray! So far I've made bananas, pears, mango, peas, carrots, avocado and sweet potato. Foster especially loves carrots and gagged at the avocado. Next up apples, green beans and squash! I also want to try peaches, but they're not in season.

We also received this as a gift, which was a blessing because Foster really didn't have many toys. I'm sure he'll have plenty after Christmas ;) He loves this one! The little balls make noise like a rattle. He loves to hold onto them and shake them. He mostly chews on the elephant. He doesn't really understand the stacking concept at this point but it's fun to watch him learn.

This is our favorite! Foster plays in this jumper for such a long time. When we first started putting him in it his feet didn't touch the ground, but it didn't take long! He goes crazy in there - this is a must have!

This healing balm works miracles! Foster hasn't ever had a real diaper rash yet (knock on wood!) but he has had a couple red spots/bumps here and there. Slather him up with this stuff and the bumps are gone the next time I change his diaper. Seriously, that fast! He has a rash on his face now from teething/drooling. I've left it alone mostly, but around his chin is really irritated. I put some of this on it before his nap this afternoon. Fingers crossed when he wakes up I'll see a difference!

Foster still takes a pacifier and we recently started using wubanubs. It doesn't make sense for him to use this at naptime/bedtime because he sleeps on his stomach (gasp!) and the wubanub would only get in the way. But this is perfect for using in the carseat! It's easy for him to find on his own which saves mama from pulling a muscle and crashing the car ;) We have this cute little triceratops and also a yellow duck. We used to have a cute little monkey, but LadyBuggs ate him.