Our First House!

There are a lot of exciting things happening for the Adams family in 2013! Next week we close on our first home and we find out Baby Adams gender!!

We close next week on the house! I could not be more excited. I found the house online a couple months ago and was instantly in love. It's the only house we looked at in person. We're less than a five minute walk from my sis/bro-in-law and our nieces. From the first time we saw the house I've been imagining Lynsey and I taking our babies on walks around the neighborhood. And they have a golf cart - so I see many neighborhood rides in my future!

The house is older - built in 1985 - but a couple of investors bought it and completely redid the inside. It's beautiful! There are a few cosmetic changes we'll make over time but it's ready to be lived in.

It's so special to know this is the home we'll become a family of three in. I can't wait to start the nursery!

Here are some pictures of how the house is staged now.

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  1. Wow so exciting Alyssa! Congratulations to you & Austin! The house is beautiful & will be so fun to decorate! :)