3 & 4 Month Favorites

1. Bright Starts Safari Gym: We use this every day! Foster loves playing with the toys. It's also a perfect place for tummy time and learning to roll over. It folds in half so it's easy for travel. When my sis-in-law watches Foster I take this over with me. In my opinion, this is the perfect beginner toy. There are so many activity mats to choose from too!

2. Halo Sleepsack + Swaddle: Somewhere around 2-3 months Foster started busting out of his swaddle using the Aden + Anais muslin swaddle blankets. These were recommended by a friend and we have loved them. It's perfect for weaning them off the swaddle. You can do both arms in, one out or both out. We stopped swaddling a couple weeks ago. We'll move up to the next size which is just the sleepsack without the swaddle.

3. Sassy Attachable Toy - Loopy Ball: Foster loves this thing! We take it with us every time in the car seat and in the stroller.

4. Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Comfort Rocker: We use this every day too. We mostly use it without the toys attached - more like as a little seat. Foster loves the TV so he'll sit in his rocker in front of the TV while I get ready or a take a shower or just need a 5 minute break :) I also use this to feed him his bottle. He doesn't like to be held while eating really anymore. Wahhhhhhhhh.

5. Baby's Journey Easy-Reach Tub: I'm satisfied but not in love with this tub. There may or may not be other options. I was obsessed with the Puj tub but Foster outgrew it around 3 months and we have been using this since. I do like that it will grow with him until he can just sit in the regular bathtub.

6. California Baby Calming Shampoo & Bodywash: This smells like heaven. We use the bodywash and lotion, both in the French Lavender. We also use the Johnson & Johnson Bedtime Bath but I prefer the California Baby. We've also used Aveeno Baby wash but Foster's skin reacted to it. Every baby is different!

7. Bumbo Floor Seat: This is great for baby to learn to sit by himself. Foster enjoys it mostly, but gets sick of it after 5-10 minutes. You can also purchase a tray separately which I'm sure will come in handy when he starts eating puffs and things!