20 Weeks - Halfway!

How big is the baby this week: The size of a banana! 7 inches long and weighs about 11 ounces.
How far along: Exactly 20 weeks - halfway!
Due date: May 30, 2013
Total weight gain: 8-9 lbs I won't know for sure until I go to the doctor next week.
Maternity clothes: Yup. Pants at least.
Stretch marks: Nope
Sleep: I still love sleep.
Miss anything: BLOODY MARY
Movement: I'm feeling the baby move more and more! I think you can feel it from the outside now too but Daddy hasn't felt it yet.
Food cravings: spicy & sour
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.
Have you started to show yet: Uh huhhhhh.
Gender prediction: I lean toward girl, but I don't want to be wrong :) 9 DAYS TILL WE KNOW!!
Looking forward to: Next week: Closing on our first house Tuesday, ultrasound Wednesday, Gender Reveal party Saturday!

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