98 Degrees

*This post is not about the recently reunited mediocre boy band of the late nineties/early 2000s.
**If I were to ever post about a boy band I would only post about NSYNC, duhhh.

Let's talk about how Saturday was the first offiicial day of fall. Let's talk about how on the first day of fall it was 98 degrees. Let's talk about how in honor of the first day of fall I wore shorts, a tshirt and additional layers of deodorant.

My sister-in-law, Abigail who's in Montreal training for Cirque du Soleil, was all "it's 60 degrees here... look how cute I am in my scarf and boots." I was all "I hate you."

Days like Saturday make me hate living in Texas. But then I give myself a slap on the wrist and snap out of it. Texas has been and always will be the greatest country state of all. Hollerrrrr.

I have a confession. I was secretly rooting for the Texans yesterday.

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