When Tuesday is Monday

I woke up very sleepy from a busy, but fun 3-day weekend spent with my best friends, my husband and my SIL/BIL/nieces.

I look like a lobster. Ouch.

I packed fruit and veggies for lunch after after eating my weight in cream cheese + raspberry chipotle sauce + wheat thins + grapes + cheese + watermelon + brownies + icecream.

We went over our weekly out-to-eat budget in the first two days.

aaaaand I WON A TORY BURCH BAG FROM THE RADIO ON MY WAY TO WORK. I actually get a gift card so I can choose which one I want. I think I want this one but WHICH COLOR??


I wish every Tuesday was Monday. Here's to a 4-day work week!


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  1. alyssa you are so precious- i want to be you when i grow up