High Five for Friday

It's Friday again! {virtual high five}

Here are 5 of my favorites from this week...

1. Time spent with these little ones.

Hadley Angel
Harper Reese

Hadley saw my bangs for the first time and said "you look.... weeeird." Thanks Hadley. Weird is exactly what I was going for.

2. This Orange Swirl Blue Bell ice cream.

It tastes just like an orange dreamsicle. Straight up. Yall. It's so good. Now my 3rd most favorite Blue Bell flavor of all time, right behind {#2} Southern Blackberry Cobbler and {#1} Cookies & Cream, duh. 

3. This necklace I found on ebay. Remember the J. Crew necklace from my Spring Wishlist?

ebay - $14.99!!!!

J. Crew - $150

4. This post from Flower Patch Farmgirl - thoughts on pinterest. It-is-so-funny.
Beer before liquor, never sicker. Toothpaste before orange juice, dead.
{laughed so hard}

5. My sweet little sister is coming in town tonight - eeee! We're headed to Pleasanton (texas) tomorrow for our cousin's wedding.

Seester - she's a hottie

Happy Friday friends!



  1. Just found your blog from the Friday link up. One of my first thoughts when I got to your blog was that you are meant to have bangs! Not too many people can pull them off.

    Happy Friday!


  2. You are so precious with your new bangs! Jealous you can totally pull those off! I wish I had straight hair sometimes! I'm also jealous that you get to see Alexandra. Wish I could see both of yall! Miss you tons and I love you!