Roadtrips are good for...

1. chick-fil-a chicken minis and sweet tea - breakfast of champions.

2. jamming out to nsync because you know all of the words to every song.

3. buccee's - enough said.

4. peeing your pants almost because you're in the middle of no where without a restroom for miles.

5. stopping at shaaaaaady places because you're about to pee your pants.

6. finding 3 bucks on the restroom floor.

7. eating sour punch straws and drinking vanilla diet dr. pepper.

8. bluebonnets and wild flowers.

9. spending sweet time with your precious seester.

And I leave you with this...


linking up with laura @ bits of splendor mondays


  1. I miss yall so much! Super jealous yall are together right now. Precious.

    p.s. thanks for the NSync video :)

  2. SEESTERS are the BEST! For sure! Y'all are so cute!