San Fraaaaaan

A few months ago, my husband and I planned a long-weekend trip to San Francisco. The trip was scheduled for less than two weeks after we lost our jobs. The Lord knows, doesn't he?! He plans ahead on our behalf.

At first, I had anxiety about a vacation we now couldn't afford. But the Lord provided again through His people. It really was perfect timing. I cried because I didn't want to come home. Don't judge me. Being an adult with adult responsibilities sucks. Can't we just vacation all the time? Pfft.

The weather was PERFECT.

Handsome Hubby @ Fisherman's Wharf

Sea Lions :)

I am one LUCKY lady!

You. Must. Eat. Here.

Hottie! For realz.

Headed to Saucelito

This is me excited about H&M, duh. Check out the randos.

Welcome to The Rock.

Ready for a date with my husband <3

Best meal of the trip. Fosho.

SLAP watch!

What the...

Saying goodbye to San Fran. Sad day.

LadyBuggs missing her mama

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  1. Love the pictures!! Could've done without the "hottie" talk. Ew, that's my brother. So glad that he has you in his life! xoxo