I Never Thought I'd Say This But

I hate Texas in the summer. I used to love it - when I could roll out of bed and go straight to the pool. Now that I have to get ready and actually wear clothes every day I've decided I hate it. I walk outside at 6:30am and instantly my makeup sweats off. It's gross. No amount of deodorant can protect you. It's over 100* and it's only JUNE. Not to mention the 100% humidity level. I walked four blocks to Forever21 on my lunch break yesterday. I was outside for five minutes and needed a shower. Oh, you want to know something really cool? Our A/C decided to stop working two days ago.
Perfect timing A/C, well done.

Yes, you're reading that correctly... 89*. IN OUR HOUSE.

At least my hair is long enough now for cute ponytails.
It's the little things in life.
Next hair goal: fishtail.

Tomorrow is Friday, y'all.

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  1. :( I hope your house gets AC soon!!! Love the fishtail!