Hello Monday

Hello Monday. Hello friends!

Today is the start of a two-day work week. HOLLER.

How was your weekend?

Mine started off like this:

What's that you ask? Just my check engine light, nbd. Except Friday was the first day I had driven my car in over FIVE WEEKS because it was in the shop. I was about to cut someone. Apparently monkeys were working on my car.

But, alas! My Friday was redeemed by sushi and Channing Tatum with three of my favorite girls.

I'm dying my hair black asap. And in case you were wondering, brunettes definitely have more fun.

Saturday morning, I awoke to breakfast bliss. My SIL made me a french toast, cream cheese and blueberry sandwich. Heaven on earth.

Then I went to a very dangerous place.


My husband should not allow me in that store.

I went with the intenions of purchasing a curling wand. I accidentally bought the curling wand along with three or four or ten other things.

I proceeded to burn my finger with said wand.

Then all my dreams came true when I saw my C4L.

C4L = Clowns 4 Life

I know, she's beautiful.

The hubby was there too.

I know, he's beautiful.

This is me, snuggling with LadyBuggs before church.

We can't all be as photogenic as she is first thing in the morning. It's not fair, but such is life friends.

Dear world, I introduce to you magic in a bottle.

You can thank me later.

And, in closing I would like to wish America Happy Birthday.

I am showing my gratitude by way of toenails.

Someone commented that I have flintstone feet. To that I say, yabba dabba do.

To my followers on InstaGram. You have already seen these pictures. Sorry I'm not sorry.

Here's to 'Merica and vacation.

Happy Monday!


  1. Awww you and your husband are adorable!! Just found your blog and love it!! New follower!
    Oh and agree with you... brunette's DO have more fun!
    Laura @ abrunetteduet.com

  2. Oh and I love that you are a fellow Christian!!