I'm linking up with Jeannett @ Life Rearranged for her weekly series "InstaFriday" which I found through Ashley @ The Vanilla Tulip.

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I went home to Arlington over Memorial Day weekend while hubby was fishing in Colorado. I found this sweet picture of me and my seester. I love that little girl (who is not so little anymore).

Here we are several years later. And I still love her. She just left this morning to start her Global Journey trip. She is doing mission work in FIVE countries - Hong Kong, India, France, Uganda, Honduras - over the summer. Follow her journey here.

This is my brother's sweet puppy, Harley. She is getting so big! I wanted to bring her home with me...

Gotta have my coffee in style.... mint mug :)

I straight up jacked this necklace from my seester. Except, not really. She said I could borrow it while she's gone for the summer. I may or may not be planning to keep it. Suckah.

Sleepy Buggs :)

Our A/C went out last night. Sweet. Nothing like no A/C in JUNE in TEXAS.

Breakfast of Champions. Holler!

WHICH HAIR COLOR?! Help a sistah out!

PS - Ever heard of Postal Pix? It's a free app you can download and print your iPhone/InstaGram pictures straight from your phone! Jeannett (Life Rearranged) is hooking us up with a 25% off promo code: lifepix. I just ordered 28 pics for seven bucks. Now for how to display them, I must consult Pinterest.

I love weeks when Tuesday is Monday.
Happy Friday!

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  1. stoppin by from life rearranged :) cute pics!!! P.S. I like the girl (can't think of her name) on the right's hair :) very cute!