This Phase of Life

I have always looked forward to the next phase of life. I graduated high school a year early because I was ready for the next thing. (I have never regretted it once) When in college I looked forward to being finished with school. Now some days I definitely wish I could go back... sleeping in, flexible schedule, friends all the time, every summer day was a pool day, puppy chow for dinner, parents paid for everything. When Austin and I were dating, I wanted to be engaged. When we were engaged, I wanted to be married. Now, here we are - renting married professionals - and I'm doing it again. I am looking for the day when we buy our first house, find out I'm pregnant, have our first baby and I can (hopefully) stay at home.

It partially stems from the fact that while I am working full-time, I feel like I'm not living up to my full wife potential. I don't grocery shop regularly, I don't make dinner for my husband often enough and laundry piles up. I can't imagine having babies and working full-time. I feel like my most important responsibility - wife and homemaker - is suffering. I want to be so much more in my home. I need to find a balance. I need help. I need suggestions! How do you balance working full-time and keeping your home and husband clean, fed and happy?

I know all of these things (home, babies, etc) are exciting and good to look forward to, but I'm realizing I might be missing out on life right were I am, here and now. I want to enjoy my husband, just the two of us. I want to take advantage of having two incomes while we can. (well, once hubby finds a new job!)  I want to appreciate our cute little rent house and not rush owning our own because that is a huge responsibility.

This blog definitely serves as an emotional outlet for me. It helps when I write my thoughts and share my feelings. It helps me see the changes I desire to make in myself.

I actually wrote this yesterday, but didn't post it until now. I already feel better. Thanks for reading.

Here's to FRIDAY!


  1. ah yes, enjoy the stage of life you are in! It all goes so fast. I was always the same way, ready and eager for the next thing...and now I have a hubby, house, baby and dog and I am a stay at home mom...and i love it, but wish I had savored my life before all these big responsibilities more than I did!
    It does make it all better to write about it though, right? =)

  2. yes, enjoy each season that God sends your way...as a working mom of 2, you can always be "looking forward" to the next thing, but believe me that each season is teaching you something and making you into the beautiful woman God is creating you to be. we, at times, all seem to think life would be perfect if we could just get to that next big thing....enjoy these sweet moments with your hubby in your rent house. your "own" house and your sweet babies will come along at just the perfect time - God's time. :) i love reading your blog. happy friday to you! enjoy your weekend.

  3. I LOVE this and I can so relate. I've had to make an intentional effort to actually BE where I am and stop wishing for what's next. It's hard to do but life is so much richer when we look for the blessings God is giving us TODAY! Have you read 1,000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp? It relates so well with this whole idea. Beautiful post by a beautiful girl. Love you!