Our {OLYMPIC} Engagement Story

This is my brother-in-law:

Chad Hedrick
Olympic Gold, Silver (2) & Bronze (2) Medalist
50-Time World Championship Gold Medalist (Inline)
(photo from chadhedrick.com)

Chad is married to my husband's sister.

He competed in the 2006 and 2010 Winter Olympics.


Watching the Summer Olympics makes me realize how seriously cool it is to be there in person and how thankful I am for my Vancouver experience.

Proctor & Gamble sponsored an Olympic "home" in Vancouver for all of the U.S. atheletes and their families and friends. The P&G House included an internet lounge, a Pringles taste testing room, a Pampers Playground for the little ones, a Crest "Share Your Winning Smile" room for photos, a beauty salon, and a banquet room with free meals, drinks, and giant screens to watch the games. It. Was. Awesome. We spent the majority of our time at the P&G House. We saw and met several of the other atheletes and their families.

Hadley (our niece) took her first steps in the Pampers room and said "dada" for the first time, all while Chad was there. And... WE GOT ENGAGED THERE!

We were at the P&G House about to leave to go shopping. We were almost out the door when Lynsey (Austin's sister) said "oh wait, my mom wanted to go with us - I'll go find her and meet you downstairs." The banquet room was downstairs, it was around lunchtime and it was packed. Once we were all downstairs, Austin started shouting for everyone's attention and it was immediately silent. In my head I was thinking... "ok, I think this is what's happening, I think he's proposing... but what if he's not and I act like he is... that would be awkward." So I sat down. He was talking to everyone in the room about how it's a special time to make memories and he wants to make memories of our own. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him.
I said YES! Actually, I said "of course I will!!"

It was so much fun. Everyone was cheering and clapping. Throughout the day, people on the streets were stopping us telling us congratulations and that they had been there at the P&G House when Austin proposed. Our proposal was even in the NY Times in an article about Chad! Basically, we're famous.

We were engaged February 19, 2010 and married on October 23, 2010.

I love the Olympics. But, the 2010 Winter Olympics especially holds a special place in my heart.

Now I wish I was in London.


  1. That's awesome! The olympics are definitely on my bucket list! FOR SURE! What fun pictures and memories!!!!!!!

  2. I love these pictures!! Sounds like such an awesome time! Your hubs is rockin the Bieber hair cut too! Maybe before that haircut was famous?! Lol