Without Fear of the Future

I am stressed. I have been for over 3 months now - since we lost our jobs. While I have a new job, we are still functioning on only one income and it's hard. Our family dynamic has changed. We are operating at a monthly loss. We're using our savings - which I guess exists for times such as these - but we would have liked to use it for a down payment on a house... or saving for a family. It's frustrating, it's exhausting and it's stressful. Some days I am aware of how much more we still have than the majority of the people in the world, and I consider how blessed we are. Other days (today) I feel totally down about it, on the verge of a breakdown. And then, the Lord provides me with a reminder. This was the first thing on my facebook newsfeed:


God has provided for us before and He will again. And when the time comes, when Austin finds a new job, we will give Him all the glory which He deserves. We will give Him the glory now, too, in this time of waiting.

Here's to laughing without fear of the future.

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  1. Good luck girl! I'll pray work will find its way your husbands direction soon! Keep your chin up!

    Though I walk THROUGH the valley. Remember...you're going THROUGH the valley. You aren't stuck. In order for their to be mountains there must be a valley.

    Happy Tuesday friend!